Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009

Von 100 auf 0 in 4 Wochen

Hatte ich eigentlich schon erwähnt, dass ich seit dem 6 April Urlaub habe, ausgenommen den 2 Berufsschulwochen? Nun ja vor einer Woche noch hatte ich schriftliche Prüfungen und musste bis heute noch meine Projektdokumentation abgeben. Da ich dadurch kaum Zeit hatte meine Fortschritte zu bloggen reiche ich sie hiermit nach.
Am 24. April hatte ich von AFS eine E-Mail erhalten das ich meine Bewerbungsunterlagen weiter vervollständigen soll innerhalb 2 Wochen. Die Unterlagen bestanden darin, dass ich paar Fotos hochladen sollte, mit etwas Hintergrundinfo, einer Selbstbeschreibung von 2-3 Seiten, den ausgefüllten Gesundheitsunterlagen und eine Ermächtigung um Fotos und Videos von mir zu veröffentlichen. Natürlich alles in Englisch.
Da ich nicht einfach Fotos hochladen wollte, hatte ich mich für eine Fotocollage entschieden. Vielleicht war der Grund auch um etwas weniger Text zu schreiben.
Bei meiner Selbstbeschreibung hatte ich echt Probleme. Ich hatte sowas noch nie geschrieben und bin auch nicht der Mensch der soviel über sich erzählt. Trotzallem ist etwas Text herausgekommen, der wie folgt aussieht.

My name is Paul. I’m 22 years old and live in the Southwest of Germany. But I wasn’t born here. I was born on 13th of April in 1987 in Karabulak, current Kazakhstan. I can hardly remember the time though there, however, from stories of my parents and relatives we were valid there as foreigner because we’ve got the German nationality. By we had been suppressed because of our nationality, the life and the future was unsafe for us.
After 1990 the Soviet Union had disintegrated, it was easier to immigrate for us to Germany.
Thus my parents and my father’s brother family have entered on 14th of December 1990.
Some relatives of my mom already lived here in Germany over one year before us.
Because of work we don’t live next to next, but also not too far away of each other remotely.
After 5 removals until 1994 we have reached Bisingen, a small village with about a population of 7000 people. Now we live here in a semidetached house with a nice garden and for a few years with different nationality neighbors. I often spent my childhood outdoors with friends, which were living next to me. At the age of 9 years I was also for about one year in a soccer association. But this sport hadn’t kindled any passion in me. After a little break I changed in the chess club and learnt very fast to play. In these 5 years I’ve played active in different tournaments, and so I can show many awards. Perhaps I can show you how to play it or even you already well and show me how a pro is playing it.
Unfortunately, my childhood was not always fulfilled by happiness. In this period of life, I am often still discriminated because of my home country. Particularly my 4 year older sister often comes weeping home because the male classmates had bully her of this. The teachers saw about this problem away in spite of repeated talks with my parents. Maybe I had the advantage that I was younger and I was a boy that they bullied me less then my sister. I don’t know. They also didn’t want to understand the difference between a foreigner and an emigrant in spite of explanation. At this time I was a slim and quiet 12 years old boy. Since there I’ve got a special kind of hostility to foreigners respectively nationality. I’ve done body-building to get more respect. Fortunately it helped, and classmates, who never said something against me, were ready to undertake something with me. However, I must mention that I had never use serious violence to people until today.
After my education at school in the village I ventured to make my high school diploma. Because of financial reasons there was no possibility to study programming, so I studied media technology and graphic design. In this period my hostility to others nationalities had lain down, because this was no problem for almost all in school.
After 2 years I entered to the army, because in Germany it is prescribed to do 9 months there.
I had played with the thought to become a regular soldier, but I wasn’t able to manage personally the rank division. After that I started my apprenticeship in an IT- system technician and I will earn successfully my degree in July.
I'm still not quite sure if there is the possibility to play my favorite sport volleyball abroad, so I will to this intensively. I’m in a volleyball association of mixed people. Everybody is welcome who wants to have fun. The Thinking of this is to do your personal best, without having the urge to win. If we organize own tournaments then I take over with pleasure also organizational activities, because in a community everybody should work together and not only do a few people everything.
During my whole school time until now I want to tell you about myself and my friends. Because of the discriminated where I coming from, I was getting contact with peoples like me, peoples from USSR. Some of them are friends over 10 years now and I don’t want to miss them. In spite that the most of us are German we don’t forget where we coming from. We are celebrating in Russian tradition with much of food, music and humor, like we learnt it of our parents.
In my circle of friends I’m the understanding listener, great joker, and the helpful person if there are problems in relationships, technical activities or else. By my view friendship exists not only of affection, trust and mutual esteem, but also to care for him/her of which kind of problem he/she has. I have many friends here all over Germany because of Internet and my job and it’s a good feeling to know that you are needed and could help.
Some friends already have children and it gives to me particularly a lot of pleasure them to teach new things playfully or also by explanations. In my current surroundings also live a lot of foreign children, so that it is for me a special challenge to communicate with them and do things together.
The contact and relationship with my family, relatives and friends is to me very importantly, in spite of the many people’s there are. By the constant contact I limit my spare time very much, however the life exists of the give and take. And in every situation the life offers you an experience, you only have to decide to yourself if it’s important for you or not. Especially in the contact with people’s you earn a much of comprehension in humans. Finally it’s comes to a balance of retribution.
During the education I had missed exactly this; I’ve done more than my urgent job required. However, I get no more than the employee's wage. Essentially of the economic crisis my boss wanted to keep me from 1 of the 3 trainees after education, but I want to fulfill my dream which I already have in the age of 16: Spending and working a long time beyond Europe.
I would like to get to know country and people really, not only take vacation to pair of weeks and come back with a heap more nicely, but useless recollections of something past. I would like to learn, I would like to become a part of this foreign world, I would like to understand and take so many impressions and signposts for my later life as only at all possibly.
In one year it happens a lot. One year would bring abroad me beside better linguistic proficiency and numerous great experiences still friends. The good friendship which holds lifelong. It would bring me an other native country in the world. Understanding for other cultures. There would be another step to the understanding among nations for me. I am young, but now I would like to start, seeing and learning!
Since I’m small there are some objectives which I want to fulfill. I dance from early age and so it is the conclusion to learn all traditional dancing. In Germany it’s very expensive to do this professional, so I had to wait until I earn more money. Another wish is to play guitar, there isn’t any problem to learn it, but you need time for this, which I don’t have with my urgent job. Of course I want to have a family but at the moment there is no women in my live which I love, so it’s easier for me to leave Germany for a time.
In Addition there are still daily things I have to improve, because I do this rare, like cooking, do the laundry and iron it. The reason is retime my job. I’m away from home form Monday to Friday in a hotel, so the most things are done by the personality of the hotel. And on weekends my mom does the job, even if I say I will do this. At home there isn’t typical women/men work. Everybody has to help and have to do things he/she is good in. For the urgent time I think it is normal, because almost every work can be done by both genders equally well.
If you summaries everything now, you can perhaps imagine which professional path I want to do. Of course I want to remain in my technical occupation, but I also want to gain a foothold in the social area. Therefore there arises the wish to become a vocational-teacher.
Though I have to do some years more in my urgent job after the year abroad, but then I would have put quite important basic elements for start my new life and would make it easier to myself to entrance in this job.
I’m already excited and glad about meeting you. I’m looking forward to answer your question about me to get more closeness like it is for a family typical.

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